Drottningens skjorta

Vårdnässpelens new play Drottningens Skjorta premieres on September 1 at Vårdnäs Hembygdsgård, Sweden. Music composed by Simon Berggården and Johan Gertz performed by Linköping Academic Choir, 5 piece instrumental ensemble, soloists and actors.
Performances on September 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15.

Tickets on: ticketmaster.se

Drottningens skjorta – at Vårdnässpelen 2019

Tickets are now available to Vårdnässpelens upcoming play Drottningens Skjorta –a soap opera on man’s (un)reasonableness, set in the 17th century with music composed by Simon Berggården and Johan Gertz for Linköping Academic Choir and instrumental ensemble.
Premiering on September 1 with six more performances following until September 15 at Vårdnäs Hembygdsgård, Linköping, Sweden.

Get your tickets at: ticketmaster.se


Bridges – at Crosscurrents and Nodes in Örebro

On June 8 Bridges will receive its first live performance. Percussionist Emelie Sjöström will perform the piece in a version for multipercussion, fixed media and live electronics at the Crosscurrents and Nodes event at Bio Roxy, Örebro, Sweden.

Rehearsals with Linköping Academic Choir

The rehearsals with Linköping Academic Choir for Vårdnässpelen 2019 has begun. Last weekend I was invited to introduce one of the most vocally complex scenes in the drama –the court session. I am enthusiastically looking forward to continuing working on the pieces and premiering in september. This will be great!

New composition in progress

Happy to announce that I am composing music for a newly created stage drama, premiering at Vårdnässpelen in September 2019. The music consists of parts for acting choir, ensemble and electronics. Starting off by composing the longer pieces for the choir involved in the project, Linköping Academic Choir. Inspiration abound in the misty autumn.

Non Siamo Qui (We are not here)

On August 18 Non Siamo Qui (We are not here) premiered with great success at the festival Nuovi Affreschi Sonori in Bomba, Chieti, Italy. Many thanks to the performers Åsa Jäger -soprano, Per Svansbo -flute and Emelie Sjöström -multipercussion. Also thanks to Pro Loco Bomba, The Musicspectra T Society and Anders Flodin for making the Festival happen.

New collaborative piece in progress

In 2017, Simon Berggården and outstanding percussionist Emelie Sjöström are to collaborate in the creating of a new solo piece for multi percussion, live electronics and fixed media. The piece will explore making connections as a concept and is based on sounds and experiences recorded in Sweden and in India where Emelie is residing during the winter months.
The piece will be premiered and performed at festivals in the summer of 2017 and will be part of a larger co-produced solo percussion program with pieces by Lynn Glassock, Anna Eriksson, Casey Cangelosi, Anders Flodin and Iannis Xenakis also to be performed.

Emelie Sjöström, percussion


Here and beyond the horizon

The newly composed piece “Here and beyond the horizon” for orchestra, mixed choir, three solo voices and tape part was premiered on November 6 in Linköping Cathedral in Sweden.

A big thank you to all who took part in the premier in the most excellent way; conductor Marie-Louise Beckman, kapellmeister Torbjörn Köhl, tenor Ole Alexander Bolstad Bang, soprano Sibylle Glosted, mezzo soprano Rebecca Fjällsby, the Cathedral Choir, the Cathedral Chamber Orchestra and the Östgöta Wind Orchestra. And thank you, everyone who came to listen!


New orchestral piece in progress

A new piece for orchestra with the working title Plastic Coexistence is in progress. The composition is based on the problematization of boundaries, limitations, and individual vs. collective responsibility. More info soon to be announced.

Simon Berggården Plastic Coexistance orchestra