Bridges (2018)
A recording of the collaborative explorations between Simon Berggården and percussionist Emelie Sjöström with the aim to explore and expand the relationship between percussion, live electronics, fixed media, composition and improvisation. Recorded in Örebro, Sweden and Auroville, India. Post-production in Studio Storkh, Hygnestad, Sweden.

Hybrid Plastic Minds (2014)
For symphony orchestra. The piece was composed with inspiration from neural network modification and paradigm theory in such a way that gradually relinquishes control from the conductor to place the responsibility of coordinated playing on the performers without this transition becoming the substance of the work. Here performed by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Michael Bartosch live in Louis de Geer Concert Hall, Norrköping, Sweden, May 28 2014.

Åssa Revisited (2016)
Fixed media piece reminiscing the emergence of the industrial revolution. First performance in Bergen, Norway, May 24 2016.

Alba (2012)
For saxophone quartet. The piece was composed with inspiration from early morning atmospheres, lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. This is the three movement version (short version) of the piece, performed by Current Saxophone Quartet (Fredrik Brandstorp Olsen, Åshild Henriksen, Gudrun Faleide Fristad, David Kolden). This recording is a collaboration between NISS University College in Oslo and the Norwegian Academy of Music. The recording is available as a commercial album in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Let me go! (2013)
For symphonic wind orchestra. Sparked by the television-serie Cold Lazarus (1994) by Dennis Potter (1935-1994) Let me go! could be described as a seemingly appealing straitjacket made of a patchwork made up of disparate life experiences that over time reconstructs themselves and gradually releases the incarcerated, but also lays bare the individual’s vulnerability. Here performed by Göteborg Wind Orchestra under the baton of Jerker Johansson live in Kronhuset, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 24 2013.

Still Life Light on Cobbles (2014)
Composed for DUNJA percussion duo (Emelie Sjöström & Robert Drewstad) for their and the MusicSpectra T Society’s 2014 European concert tour. Here Performed by DUNJA percussion duo live in Wasakyrkan Örebro, Sweden, June 13 2015.

Maai (2011)
Soundtrack from the audiovisual work with the same name. Maai is a  complex Japanese martial arts concept, incorporating the distance between opponents and the time it will take to cross the distance, but also the angle and rhythm of attack.