November 5, Väderstad, Sweden

Happy to announce that I am composing music for a newly created stage drama, premiering at Vårdnässpelen in September 2019. The music consists of parts for acting choir, ensemble and electronics. Starting off by composing the longer pieces for the choir involved in the project, Linköping Academic Choir. Inspiration abound in the misty autumn.

September 14, Online, Worldwide

Bridges –an explorative collaboration between percussionist Emelie Sjöström and composer Simon Berggården, is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes etc.
Listen, download, enjoy!

Full version is also available here:

Spotify albumlink:

December 18, Väderstad, Sweden

In 2017, Simon Berggården and outstanding percussionist Emelie Sjöström are to collaborate in the creating of a new solo piece for multi percussion, live electronics and fixed media. The piece will explore making connections as a concept and is based on sounds and experiences recorded in Sweden and in India where Emelie is residing during the winter months.
The piece will be premiered and performed at festivals in the summer of 2017 and will be part of a larger co-produced solo percussion program with pieces by Lynn Glassock, Anna Eriksson, Casey Cangelosi, Anders Flodin and Iannis Xenakis also to be performed.
Emelie Sjöström, percussion.

September 21, Väderstad, Sweden

A new piece for orchestra with the working title Plastic Coexistence is in progress. The composition is based on the problematization of boundaries, limitations, and individual vs. collective responsibility. More info soon to be announced.

Simon Berggården Plastic Coexistance orchestra

July 10, Strasbourg, France.

Four movement version of Alba, for saxophone quartet (2012) will be performed on July 10 by Current Saxophone Quartet at the World Saxophone Congress & Festival in Strasbourg, France.

June 13, Örebro, Sweden

Dunja percussion duo will perform Still life light on cobbles (2014) for the first time in Sweden on June 13, 12:00 at Wasakyrkan, Örebro on a concert arranged by the Musicspectra T Society.

June 13, Örebro, Sweden

NEW fixed media piece Fickle Future will premiere on June 13, 17:00 at Bio Roxy, Örebro, Sweden on a concert arranged by the Musicspectra T Society.